Poems Mar 11, 2013

After the rain has gone,
The sun will shine.
After the rain has gone,
Things will be fine.
Won’t they?

Fear sets in,
Like the unwelcome stench
Of a downtrodden tramp,
Sleeping on a bench.
Nowhere to stay.

First this way then that,
Swinging wildly through time;
My life is in motion,
Composing this rhyme.
Come what may.

The hostel is quiet,
But my mind is on fire;
Contradictions abound,
Mental state is quite dire.
Beginning to fray?

In this room where I lie,
With a tear in my eye;
No one thought is to blame,
No villain to try.
Just disarray.

Indignation, isolation,
Capitulation, pain.
Fascination, constipation,
Listen to the rain.
Time for a new day?

Toes grow cold,
Covers make toasty.
Body feels broken,
Definitely, mostly.
It’ll be okay.

A flush in the dark
Brings me back to my senses;
The rain isolated,
Surrounded by fences.
Silence. Yay!

Now the rain has gone,
Sleep will be had.
Some quick restoration,
Not feeling so bad.
Just for today.

Stuart Dallas

A mostly harmless human. Software Engineer by trade, prolific procrastinator by vocation, creator by heart. When procrastinating he is excessively productive with everything but.